All of my couples are overwhelmed when it comes to finding the right fit for their wedding, and the big questions is why should we book with you?

The short answer is simple: You will have peace of mind come wedding day.

If you would like the longer answer, here it is.

I take this craft extremely serious, and I will do everything I can to make your day smoother and I will find your sweet spots on my camera.  If you aren’t in the best lighting, I’ll suggest a move.  Too many videographers just show up and hit record (that’s okay, but they are missing the bigger picture).  This is your wedding – and if there is a golden opportunity to make you look even better, why not make it happen?  I have a specific style and I think different than most.  Some say I have a photographers brain with lighting and composition (although my photo’s probably wouldn’t be the best).  If you’re doing your makeup and there is a window behind you blowing out the image, I’ll close the blinds, if you’re doing makeup in the bathroom, I’ll suggest a move. (I actually bought a high top makeup chair in case your artist doesn’t have one).  If your toasts are going to be boring looking for photo and video, I’ll set them up so everyone can have the best angles.  I also bring my own lights come reception time and photographers love them because they are dimmable and portable which means they don’t have to rely on flash as much. All of these things combined will make stunning imagery.

Regarding sound, I always get asked why my sound is so crisp – too many videographers will ignore audio, and buy drones, steadicams and cranes.  These are fancy and nice to have, but you should be investing in essential gear.  I have the fancy toys but I chose to invest in great audio and great light.  I could have the best shot film ever, but if I have crummy audio, I am very limited.  If I have great audio and very clean basic shots I can make magic.  I bring 6 sources of audio and actually clean the sound up a little bit in post production.  I encourage brides to check out all videographers to find their certain fit.  So, if you’re looking for the cheapest price in town, I’m probably not the best option for you, but if you’re looking for a product you can plaster social media with and know that I will do everything I can to ensure a flawless bride and create beautiful motion, I would love to film your day.

I will work with all of your vendors, give my thoughts on your timeline (or create one if you’d like).  If everyone is on the same page every vendor can do their job perfectly.  Timelines and communication will always make this happen.

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